Advice 1: How to cure bronchitis without antibiotics

Bronchitis is a viral disease, which is accompanied by a persistent cough. Bronchitis can be acute, which lasts about 10 days, and chronic, it can last for months. In the case of chronic bronchitis, usually need medical intervention. The acute bronchitis can be cured on their own, without the use of antibiotics.
How to cure bronchitis without antibiotics

Avoid dehydration

People suffering from bronchitis, need to consume at least 250 ml of fluid every 1-2 hours. This helps the body to better tolerate the disease. You need to drink only plain water or any other low-calorie liquids such as juice or water diluted with lemon juice and honey. Any consumable liquid should be warm, this helps to avoid complications in the throat and pain when coughing. Bronchitis is in any case can not drink alcohol and drinks containing caffeine. They lead to dehydration.
If the doctor has limited your fluid intake because of the possibility of any complications, follow its recommendations.

Bed rest

Try to take sleep more time. You need to sleep at least 8 hours during the day. Sleep is a very important element in the maintenance of the immune system. Without sleep the body will find it difficult to cope with a viral infection.
Try to minimize their physical activity. Limit to the minimum necessary movement and not overexert yourself. Excessive movement provokes attacks of severe coughing and reduces the efficiency of the fight against the disease.
Sometimes cough with bronchitis does not allow a person to relax and not allow him to sleep. In this case, lie down on your stomach and just relax.


If you are indoors, try to maintain a humidity is normal, this is especially important at night. To maintain moisture use special humidifiers. Warm and moist air helps to get rid of mucus in the respiratory tract, which in turn relieves cough and breathing. Regularly clean the housing of the humidifier, follow this instruction. Cleaning of the water container allows to avoid the appearance in it of fungi and bacteria that can spread around the room and complicate your illness.
Another way to get some moist and warm air is to take a hot shower for 30-40 minutes.

Protect your breath

Disease and are caused by the cough could get worse, if you do not protect your breath from the cold air and different contaminants. Do not smoke or are in the company of Smoking people. Cigarette smoke negatively affects the condition of the lungs and contributes to complications with bronchitis. If you do chores (e.g., use of household cleaners) be sure to wear a mask. In the cold season, cover your mouth and nose with a mask or scarf that will help warm the air before it gets into your Airways.

Antibiotics cough

In extreme cases, when the cough is unbearable, you need to be treated with drugs. Drink cough syrup, it reduces mucus and facilitates coughing. Expectorants will help to recover from a continuously produced mucus. Different essential oils help to deal with both acute and chronic bronchitis.

If after long self-treatment, the illness persists or there are new symptoms (for example, prolonged treatment with antibiotics can cause urticaria), and also in chronic bronchitis sure to contact your doctor.

Advice 2: How to cure an ear infection without antibiotics

Hypothermia, as well as penetration into the middle ear pathogens can cause inflammation, or otitis media. A sure sign is a sharp, piercing pain in the ear, itching, decreased hearing and discharge from the ear canal. The traditional method for the treatment of acute otitis media is antibiotic therapy. It helps to avoid the spread of inflammation to the nearby organs. However, the chronic form of the disease can be cured without antibiotics.
How to cure an ear infection without antibiotics
You will need
  • pharmacy drops for the ears;
  • - chamomile, elderberry root, calamus root, oak bark, grass camel thorn;
  • - alcohol, tissue, cotton wool, a bandage to compress;
  • - coarse sea salt or sand and a canvas bag to warm the ear;
  • - cotton swabs and ear vitovec to cleanse the ear canal.
Do not treat yourself for acute otitis media, accompanied by fever, chills, malaise and sharp pain in the ear. It is dangerous for health and sometimes for life, because the spread of the inflammatory process in the eye or brain can cause irreversible consequences. In this case shown only medication with antibiotics.
If a middle ear infection turned into a chronic form, or occurs with just noticeable symptoms, try to cure otitis media without antibiotics. But inflammation is not passed into festering for, use drugs, and only in addition, to accelerate the recovery of traditional medicines.
Of pharmaceutical drugs for the treatment of otitis media use Vibrocil topically 3-4 drops in the ear canal 3-4 times a day, "Otinum" 3-4 drops 3-4 times a day, "Drops", 3-4 drops 3 times a day, "Polideksa" 2-5 drops 2 times a day. Bury them just warm. Since they have several contraindications and side effects, carefully read the user manual.
If there is no ear purulent discharge, do hot compress. Cut out fabric and waxed paper circle with a hole for the ear (during overlay, compress it must be open). Lubricate the skin around the ear baby cream or vaseline and moistened a cloth in a warm ethanolic solution (50 ml alcohol 50 ml water), apply to the skin. Cover the tissue paper, also leaving the ear on the outside on top of paper apply cotton wool and secure it all with a bandage. Leave on for 1-2 hours. In addition to the poultice, apply to warm ear bags of hot salt or sand. After any heating procedure, keep your head warm – head tie a woolen scarf.
Simultaneously with heat treatments for the treatment of otitis eat as much of the labour and beverages: hot tea with honey, brewed leaves of currant, raspberry or lime, broth hips, chamomile.
In the treatment of otitis media without antibiotics, be sure to use herbal medicine - use of decoctions of herbs inside and make them gadgets.

Wrap 2 tbsp elder flowers and chamomile in a cheesecloth, pour boiling water and after 2-3 minutes, lightly wrung out, attach close to the auditory passage, but not him. In the same way do lotions from a mixture of herbs thyme (thyme), oak bark, tormentil root, calamus root. For indoor use drop 1 tbsp of chopped herbs camel thorn trees in 200 ml of boiling water for 5 minutes on low heat. Use strained in a half a Cup 3 times a day.
In treatment of otitis media without antibiotics or with them is of great importance to the care. In addition to local effects using heat treatments and drops several times a day gargle anti-inflammatory herbal teas, such as chamomile and clean the auditory passages with cotton swabs, but do it very carefully not to damage the eardrum, and better use of pharmacy wax candles with propolis.
Treat otitis media ear Bay leaf. When inflammation of the ear (otitis) helps warm infusion of Bay leaf. Need 1 tablespoon of crushed leaves pour 0.5 cups of boiling water, to insist 1-2 hours, heat wrapped, then drain and drip 3-4 drops in each ear.
Useful advice
How to cure otitis media at home. Otitis media (inflammation of any Department of the ear) is inner, middle and outer. If left untreated, it can develop deafness or hearing loss. In addition to treatment with medication, there are national recipes of treatment of otitis media, in the home. Alcohol solution Shilajit has anti-inflammatory effect : moisten a cotton swab in the solution, squeeze lightly and insert into the ear.
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