If the elderly person concerned about the cough, he should definitely see a doctor. The cough may be a symptom of cancer of the bronchi and lungs, heart failure, tuberculosis, etc. In this case, you must treat the underlying disease in the appropriate specialist.
If the cough was caused by a cold, a doctor's advice too. Inflammatory diseases in the elderly occur not quite usual, often the symptoms are vague and only a doctor can assess the severity of the patient's condition and prescribe an effective treatment.
Treatment of cough in older people has features. They are connected with the fact that an elderly person physiologically reduced immunity and colds, prone to prolonged and severe course. Older patients much worse sputum departs and very often the usual colds cause pneumonia. Treatment of cough includes non-pharmacological and pharmacological therapy.
Non-pharmacological activities aimed at creating optimal conditions for a speedy recovery. An elderly person with the cough should limit physical activity. Even regular cleaning of the apartment or climbing stairs can be an excessive burden for the body. Such a patient requires assistant.
In the apartment are required to conduct daily wet cleaning to eliminate dust particles and allergens. It is necessary to temporarily remove the floor covering (carpets) and fluffy blankets. It is desirable that the air was wet and cool. For this you can use air purification systems and air conditioners. If not possible, special devices can be 5-7 times a day to moisten the air by means of a spray or hang in the room moist towels.
If an elderly person does not have heart failure, it is necessary to increase the amount of fluids you drink. The drink should be plentiful and warm. Fit tea, herbal teas (chamomile, breast), juice, water. If a person has a bad heart, do not abuse the liquid.
For drug therapy of cough, be appointed special medications. For better sputum discharge is shown taking mucolytics (expectorants). These include "Bromhexine", "Mucosolvan", "Ambrobene", "ACC", "Dr. mom", etc. Drugs should be taken strictly according to instructions, respecting the dosage and frequency of intake.
Elderly people take a large number of drugs (from high blood pressure, heart pain, etc.). Therefore, this category of patients is appropriate to prescribe expectorants in the form of inhalation. Since currently widely used compressor nebulizer inhalers. Appliances break down particles of medicinal substances to the molecules, allowing the medication to penetrate into the smallest divisions of the bronchi. The effectiveness of the treatment is high. Moreover, this method of taking the drugs can reduce the dose of medication and to reduce the burden on the liver and kidneys, which is very important for an elderly person.
For nebulizer therapy you can use the "Mucosolvan" and "Ambrobene". The required dose of the drug is diluted in 3-4 ml of physiological solution of sodium chloride, and the person breathes through the inhaler 3-4 times a day for 6-7 minutes. This procedure can be done without medication. Enough to fill the nebulizer with saline or alkaline mineral water. Sputum well-off. It is strictly forbidden to refill the nebulizer is not intended for inhalation solutions (decoctions of herbs, etc.).
While taking mucolytics you should not take medicines that stop coughing. Sputum must be free to cough.
Additionally, you can take antihistamines to eliminate allergic component of cough. These include "Zyrtec", "Suprastin", "Tavegil", etc. the Dose of the drug should be strictly adhered to. Multivitamins will not be superfluous to treat coughs. Usually in older people deficiencies of certain vitamins, and vitamin C deficiency slows recovery.
When a serious condition of man, when the cough is accompanied by high fever, malaise, can not do without antibiotics. To choose a suitable antibiotic can be a doctor.