With the onset of the season of colds and flu, the question arises about the use of effective cough syrup, able to deal with both dry and wet cough. The choice of drugs such actions is extremely broad, and an ignorant person is hard to navigate in this variety and to stay on a really good and effective. Which of the existing drugs work well with cough?
First, there are differences between syrups and syrups for adults. But most of the drugs in liquid form is still intended for children, so the very form of reception is more preferable for the body of the child. Popular syrup "Erespal", which is an alternative to the well-known since the Soviet times the cough syrup based on the extract of licorice. It reduces inflammation and cleanses the bronchial tubes and allowed to use even in infants. Common side effects include allergic reactions.
Effective tool, widely used for the treatment of cough in children and adults, is syrup "Mucosolvan." It liquefies phlegm, reduces its viscosity and promotes better expectoration. This tool may be allergies, and those with diabetes. Often doctors recommend inhalations with "Mucosolvan" and saline.
When dry, painful and nonstop cough syrup used "Pour". It can drink from the age of three. Due to the strong suppressing the cough properties therapy "Sinekoda" may not last more than 7 days. After this treatment is recommended to continue otharcivatmi drugs. However, "Pour" has not passed clinical trials in pregnant women and women during lactation, therefore, this group of patients no reason to use it.
An excellent remedy on the basis of leaf extract of plantain and mallow is the cough syrup "Gerbion". This expectorant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory drug prescribed in the treatment of infections of the upper respiratory tract, causing dry cough. However, it should not be given to children under the age of 2 years and people with high sensitivity to fructose and other components of the drug.
"Geelix" drug made in Germany, which, like "Gerbion" is a means of plant origin, but as the active substance in this extract of ivy leaves. This medicine does not contain dyes, fragrances, alcohol and sugar, and as practice shows, trudnootdelema sticky mucus begins to leave after only two days of use. "Geelix" can give even infants.