Consult a doctor to listen to your lungs and rule out serious medical problems such as bronchitis and pneumonia. Not be amiss and a blood test in order to ensure that the cause of the cough is not bacterial infection. In all of these cases need treatment with antibiotics, and selection of drug and its dosage must engage a specialist.
When you are sure that a cough caused by a viral infection (common cold), you can start fighting it at home. To start, determine what you kind of cough - wet or dry, as different cases require different treatment. With a wet cough is separated sputum. When dry, the sputum is too viscous to go outside, so patient, despite best efforts, is unable to cough.
The first stage of treatment of dry cough is to liquefy the sputum. Because of this, manages to make it productive and thus facilitate well-being of the patient and speed up recovery.Drink plenty of fluids and moisturize the air in the room. These seemingly simple measures have substantially improved the condition of dry cough. Drug therapy is the reception of mucolytic drugs. Some prefer to take the old proven drugs, such as Bromhexine, but modern drugs have a more pronounced effect, so it is better to give preference to the tablets/syrups on the basis of Ambroxol ("Ambrobene", "Mucosolvan", etc.).Folk remedy for the treatment of painful dry cough is a black radish. Cut the vegetable in half and remove the middle pulp. Pour the honey and wait a few hours until the radish will not give juice. Take it before eating one tablespoon. Within a day after the start of treatment cough will become productive.
Treat cough expectorant drugs. Particularly effective medicines based on natural components, for example, "Bronchium", "Doctor" etc. But no medical treatment can drink a warm mixture of milk, mineral water, honey and butter. This tool will accelerate the sputum and facilitates its excretion from respiratory tract.