You will need
  • - antibiotics;
  • - essential oils;
  • - expectorant drugs;
  • - antipyretics.
Contact the hospital and make an appointment with the therapist. The doctor will examine you, listen to the noises in the lungs and bronchi, also, will prescribe and the tests. After this is solved the question of treatment. You can put in the hospital or make prescriptions for a course of therapy at home. Acute bronchitis is treated mostly with antibiotics, but if you have an intolerance to these tools, you can assign sulfa drugs inside (sulfadimetoksin, etazol). The duration of medication will depend on the healing process. Antibiotics need to drink about 2 weeks, and the prolonged action of approximately 6 days (2 blisters).
Antibacterial agents do not contribute to the lowering of the temperature, but it bronchitis can reach enough high level and strongly affect the General condition of the patient. So take antipyretics, such as paracetamol, ibuprofen, aspirin. Don't forget to follow the dosage, otherwise you will just get severe poisoning. If the temperature is not decreased (this could be), the next pill, drink at least 4 hours.
Do steam inhalation, even if the doctor prescribed you medicinal aerosol products. In boiling water add the baking soda, essential oils (cedarwood, pine, tea tree) or make a strong solution of sea salt. Breathe on the outbound ferry, it will soften up the Airways and relieve dry cough. Pulmonary do several times a day until complete recovery.
Take expectorant drugs ("ACC", "Libeksin", "Bromhexine", "Mukaltin") or herbs (wild rosemary, thyme). Drinking these funds are needed to complete the release of phlegm from the bronchi. The approximate course of herbal treatment 3 weeks, and drugs from 7 to 14 days. Then visit your doctor for the examination. If necessary, you will be given other drugs.