Call the second interlocutor is one of the most popular services offered by the company MTS. To implement such a call simply. It is necessary to follow basic instructions of the operator.

After dialing the number you are interested in the person, in the absence of money in the account of the mobile device, the operator informs the user about the possibility to use some free services campaign. Among them is the ability to make a call paid for by the recipient. To do this, after the announcement of the possibility of use of the services, the subscriber must press the button with the number 3. After that, the desired source receives a notification on his phone where he talked about wanting to make a call at his expense.

The interviewee has the right to reject the call or accept it. Sometimes a "friend" rejects the call and calls back himself. However, this is not necessary, as material write-offs due to a service call due to the "other" interest is accrued at the normal rate.

Thus, the MTS offers its subscribers legkopodwijnaya service phone call at recipient's expense, which it may help in the absence of monetary funds on the account.