Pain in the feet caused or aggravated by walking and not associated with trauma or soft tissue injury (blisters, abrasions, plantar warts) can be caused by disease that affects the whole musculoskeletal system, or only of the foot. The first category includes osteoporosis, diabetes. Pain in the feet occur for rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis – as a rule, in such diseases affects several joints.
Pain in the front of the foot, concentrated in the region of the metatarsal bones (right under your fingers), may be due to the development of Morton's neuroma, also known as milusheva neuroma. This is a benign swelling of the tissues of the plantar nerve, most often localized between the bases of the third and fourth toe. Morton's neuroma most often makes itself felt moderate pain, a burning sensation stuck in the foot of the stone, the pain increases when wearing shoes with a narrow toe box or high heels.
If walking hurts the heel, it can be a manifestation of a common bone pathology – heel spurs (the outgrowth on the heel bone), inflammation of the Achilles tendon.
To determine the exact causes of pain in the foot that occurs during walking, are important as the nature of the unpleasant sensations and their localization, and the time of day at which they appear. Pain, worse in the morning immediately after waking up, more characteristic of plantar fasciitis – inflammation phase of connective tissue that supports the arch of the foot. From plantar fasciitis often affects people who are forced to stand for long periods or to move a lot, a lot of money. If each step is difficult in the evening after a long and heavy load, it may be caused by not only the usual muscle fatigue, but also flat feet.
If the pain is accompanied by redness, swelling in a particular area of the foot – these can be manifestations of arthritis or rheumatism, and symptoms of bursitis (inflammation of the joint capsule), gout (deposition of uric acid in the joints). Gout often affects the big toe, the pain is so strong that not only eliminates any movement, but doesn't even touch the foot.
Inflammation of the ligaments (ligaments) is caused by microtrauma obtained during excessive loads on the foot. This pain may be localized in any part of the foot. Signs of inflammation (redness, swelling) when ligamentina often poorly expressed.
Pain that increases when walking and quickly passing alone, extending to tibia and accompanied by increased sensitivity to cold, numbness and pallor of the feet, is a symptom of poor circulation in the lower extremities. This may be the consequence of obliterating endarteritis or atherosclerosis.