First, give the heels a rest. Just in the evening lie down on the sofa, legs tucked under a cushion or small pillow. Lie down for 10-15 minutes. This will restore normal blood flow. If you like to sit in a chair, put under feet a stool.

Second, to cease walking and Jogging, if your favorite sports. Replace them (at least at the time) swimming, Cycling.

Thirdly, get rid of extra pounds, if you have them. The load on the legs and, in particular, heel significantly reduced.

Next. Buy silicone heel cushions. They are sold in pharmacies. Using these elastic devices, you unload the heel region, eliminate heel pain, normalize the position of the calcaneus, will increase the overall comfort for the feet. There are several types of heel cushions, to pick the correct your heels to help the doctor. He may advise you to alternate wearing heel cushions, orthopedic insoles.

Do self-massage, energetic stretching of the heel, after inflicting on them oil or massage cream. The fact that the pain in the heel and in the arch of the foot, often the result of lack of elasticity of the Achilles tendon. Flexing your fingers or a massager these tendons, you can get rid of pain.

If the pain in the heels appeared suddenly, immediately take the following: massage the heel with ice cubes for several minutes until you feel numbness (usually 5-6 minutes). Do this kind of massage three times a day for the first two days after the onset of pain. And on the third day complicate the procedure: 5-6 minutes – ice, 10-15 minutes rest, the next 15 minutes – warm hot water bottle to the heels. Do this once a day.

Check out the gastro-intestinal tract. Nerve endings located on the feet correspond to organs of the abdominal cavity, mostly the intestines. If the medical examination reveals that the activity of the digestive tract is really broken, take the treatment. Normalizes the work of intestines, retreat pain in the heels. And, conversely, often to massage the heels, and that you will help your gut (unless, of course, there is no serious disease).

A more responsible attitude to the choice of shoes. If it is picked up correctly, it will provide real support for the heel, if not the pain will worsen.

Alone fails to relieve pain in the heel? Please contact your doctor. He will conduct research on and prescribe treatment.