You will need
  • A container of water, paper, ruler, marker or pencil
There is a simple method to determine flat feet, which you can use to identify the disease without the help of professionals. Hold it at home, since it will need some household items, for example, a container of water. In addition to this you will need a sheet of paper, ruler, marker or pencil.
On the floor lay a sheet of paper and then dip the feet in a basin of warm water. Not wiping, with a wet foot stand on the sheet of paper on which a wet trail. Draw its contours and to begin to analyze the resulting imprint of the foot.
Find the print center of the heel and mark it with a dot. Then note the third (middle) toe, and it is at the center of the fingertip, and also mark it with a dot. Connect the two obtained points with a straight line. Do the same with the other leg.
Analyze the obtained result. If the trail turned flat and wide and is divided into two, albeit unequal, parts concerning the lines, it is possible to state the fact flat feet. If the narrowest part of the footprint divided into two parts about a line does not occur, the flat is missing.