Features carp

Amur - fish of the carp family. Distinguishing external features of the fish: elongated body covered with dense scales, length to 120 cm. Originally the white Amur appeared in Eastern Asia, but was later shipped to the Soviet Union. At the moment, grass carps are often used for purification of water bodies from excessive vegetation, as they feed exclusively on vegetation. Such a method of combating water pollution is very effective and allows to achieve absolute transparency.

How to catch Cupid

If you want to catch Cupid, is ideal vegetable bait. For example, boiled corn with no added fragrance or juicy greens (ovaries cucumbers, corn shoots, leaves of peas, you can use even simple bunches of fresh herbs). Although the aforementioned lures are the most preferred and easy to catch Cupid, sometimes whimsical fish can bite on an earthworm, so you should try this bait. To draw Cupid using a vegetable smell, linking, for example, to hook a bunch of dill.

If you are determined to catch carp, you need to consider a few more points. First, we need to choose the right fishing spot. Cupid dwells where there is an abundance of vegetation. This fish likes to hide in coastal thickets of reeds or thickets of seaweed. Secondly, it is necessary to develop a strategy of casting and type of bait. Since the white Amur fish are quite unstable, its behavior may differ depending on the reservoir. For this reason, you need to experiment, trying different places of the casting and changing the bait. But do not forget about one universal tip: fishing line to catch a Cupid needs to be thicker than, for example, for carp, as Cupid bites hard and suddenly.

Sensing that the fish are biting, it is necessary to pull sharply. Any delay could result in dire consequences - fish fall through and go into the Bush. You should be prepared for the fact that the procedure can be long and requires considerable physical effort, as the white Amur is characterized by endurance and strength.

Don't forget that Cupid is very careful, the representative of the carp family that are able to be scared of any loud sound, so try out fishing to behave as quiet. If you go in company avoid frequent conversation near the pond, talking only when necessary.