You will need
  • boats
  • - bottom gear,
  • paired hooks No. 6
  • - weighted the lure (or live bait).
The flora and fauna of the White sea is diverse, but to call it a relatively rich difficult. For example, if we consider the nearby sea, the Barents sea, which in turn is derived from the flora and fauna of the White sea, it is obvious that it is richer. The fauna here is unique. In the Northern part of the sea a lot of harp seals, ringed seals and Beluga whales. This applies to mammals. Among fish, the main fishing demand such as herring, salmon, haddock, smelt, cod, flounder, and many others. The last time Providence is famous for Pollock, which is differently called polar tresckow.
Despite the fact that the White sea fairly rough, the fishing here is almost all year round. Popular Solovetsky Islands. Mainly fish in the huge bays, and mostly with boats and yachts. Fishing from the shore, as a rule, not made, but, nevertheless, there is often catch a leaping salmon when he goes to spawn.
The most popular for fishermen enjoys cod, and, perhaps, the most valuable fish in these areas – salmon. Cod are mainly caught in areas with changes in bottom topography, typically where the shore ends, for example, rocks. Fishing is conducted with a very sturdy rod and two hooks. Tackle, choose a strong, bottom, hook it, take the number six and the long forend. A worm is not fishing mainly live bait or jig weighing 10 grams. Very often together with cod catches catfish, a little less – haddock.
Winter fishing in the White sea ice no less popular a normal. Winter fishermen great catch herring, using the winter short rods or specialty rods with fishing line 0.5 mm strong coil. Nozzle - herring spinner 6-9 crochet.
In Kandalaksha Bay, you can see the fishing shark on hook, but without local guide for the beginner to catch anything almost impossible.