You will need
  • bait;
  • - fishing rod;
  • - Sadok;
  • metal tweezers.
Prepare the tackle for catching roach. Select the rod and reel. You can use a conventional crank rod and reel classic type. However, it is much easier to apply the rod with bezinertsionnaja coil. Rod is compact, and paired with bezinertsionnaja coil allows for long-distance casting. Wrap the coil 20-25 meters of the line. Because goby is a small fish, enough fishing line thickness 0.15-0.25 mm. Equip a fishing rod, a sinker, a float and hooks. The float and sinker, you can choose light if you will be fishing near the shore. If possible situations in which is necessary far casting should be heavier sinker (10 grams) and find the corresponding float. Hooks - the most important item of tackle when fishing for roach. They should be large enough and long forend. Since the bull swallows the whole bait, small hooks to remove him from the almost impossible.
Prepare a bait for hunting the bull. Goby are not very picky in food. However, he's a predator and catch it better on live bait. Perfect earthworms. But in their absence an acceptable option would be pieces of meat or fish. Sometimes biting the bull on the dough.
Determine the place and time of fishing. In ponds and lakes goby caught near the shore where there are reeds or snags, preferably adjacent to small pools. Across bull and away from the coast, at depth. Like most widely-spread species, in summer, the active bull biting occurs in the morning and evening. In autumn, during the George bull you can fish all day.
Make a fishing steer. At a chosen time, proceed to the place of fishing. Fit tackle bait, make a cast and wait. In the absence of bites first gear for 10 minutes, make a throw to another place, move along the coast in order to detect bull. By reducing the frequency of bites during a long fishing gear should also be moved to another location. The fact that the bull is very sedentary and may take a lot of time before it will appear on obnovlennom.