Since mid-April, the fish can be seen in the sandy bays of Vladivostok and Kaliningrad – she pulled from deeper and cold areas. Bite this fish and where it lives in areas where the bottom is muddy-sand. Fishing from shore – employment prospects – flounder is not suitable close to him.
For all kinds of flatfish use the same tackle – bottom fishing rod with a dull sinker on the end and several pipes of different lengths. When driving on the bottom of the liner is stretched and the hooks are located at an equal distance from the bottom. While fishing nozzle should be located 2-3 cm from the surface of the soil. This is due to the nature of the bite because it is practically nonexistent. Swallow the bait, the fish continues to lie on the bottom and feel that bait sedena can only be the case if the fish starts to move.
As bait used by mussels and other mollusks, which attach themselves to seaweed or structures located in sea water, insect larvae, shrimps, small pieces of fish, different lures intricate shapes, bright colors. The choice of bait is best to do. The optimal size of the hook is No. 4 on European numbering, it is sufficient, as the size of the mouth of the flounder are small.
To catch flounder is from a boat or aboard any other small vessel. Thus it is necessary to put it on a single anchor, so the ship moved slowly in an arc. The sloth not flounder chasing bait, and this movement increases the chances of catching larger amounts of fish. However, it gets caught and long piers, stretching far out to sea.
Optimal for fishing the flounder is just before dawn, after the sun rose, it should be a small break, and then the biting starts again to 12 o'clock. Evening dawn, too, can be successful, but especially larger specimens are caught at night.