You will need
  • - fishing rod;
  • - plant tips;
  • - animals of the nozzle.
What caught bream? From animals of nozzles can allocate bloodworm, maggots, worms. More likely the bream bite is in the spring and autumn period, when the water still manages to heat up and when it begins to cool. Plant bits include cheese, mash semolina, macaroni, wheat, barley, peas. The first two products are recommended for catching in stagnant water.
What caught IDE? Animals from bits of fish that attract the moths, maggots, worms. You can catch the IDE and on the larvae of bark beetles, caddis, insects with wings. Most often, these nozzles are taken fish from the bottom. Vegetable bits like flakes of oatmeal, steamed wheat, peas. There is a small chance to catch fish on small spinners.
What caught Chub? This fish tastes on animals nozzles coincide with the IDE. Vegetable nozzles Chub prefers peas. He is well-developed the makings of a predator, so we should try to catch on a small vibrating lures and crankbaits.
What caught roach? Worms, maggots, caddis flies, moths, larvae of bark beetles, Colorado potato beetles are animals heads, to which the fish are biting. Vegetable nozzles roach loves barley, well enough takes steamed wheat and semolina mash.
What caught Dace? Burn these individuals on the same nozzle, and roach. You can experiment with the fishing flies.
What caught bream? This fish prefers the same nozzle, and bream.
What caught carp? This lake the fish are biting on those animals heads, like maggots, small manure worms, butterflies. Preferred plant tips - pastry, bread, barley.
What caught carp? A taste for animals of a nozzle identical tastes carp. Vegetable nozzles prefer cheese, bread, boiled potatoes, barley, and maize.