Perhaps the easiest prey in these hot days – perch. This striped predator due to the extremely wide distribution, voracity and omnivorous, often gets the hook. It is only necessary to remember that the big bass in hot weather spends time at depth, where cooler and enters the shallows only to feed. Especially well he pecks near the pits with the driftwood. Effective bait – worms (manure, rain), larvae of dragonflies, the fry. Small perch very well be caught on bloodworms.

Bream in July almost all his time in the pits. Therefore, knowing the elevation of the reservoir bottom, it can be successfully catch using bottom or float fishing (if fishing from a boat or from pits close to the shore). Catching a bream, from dusk until dawn. Bait worms serve, cereals (barley, millet), steamed peas. Sometimes bream good takes on a subtle green algae, "hair algae" wrapped around the hook.

In the morning and evening dawn good biting roach. For successful fishing it is necessary to choose a place with a weak current, and ideally where the current is barely noticeable. Best bait – maggots, bloodworm, caddis larvae, soft bread. In some cases, roach good takes on filaria.

Chub is the easiest way to catch places where the river is fed by streams, or near steep, overgrown with trees and bushes of the shore. Best bait – animal origin. Beetles, dragonflies, grasshoppers, worms, small frogs. Worse caught on vegetable baits. Chub can be caught from dawn till noon, and at other times he is almost caught.

Walleye in the July heat should be caught in the shallows, or near deep holes. The best time for fishing – either at dawn or after sunset; at other times, it can be catch only by accident. As lures using spinners, wobblers, vibrohvosta, live bait, large earthworms.

Omnivorous pike in July heat is hiding in the shaded and deep areas of the reservoir. To lure it with bait, bait fish, frog. In some cases, she, like pike, big enough earthworms.

ASP can be caught on shoals or near the duct. Catch it on an artificial fly using fly fishing rods, in the light throughout the day: from dawn to dusk.