Advice 1: Can a woman get pregnant after 50-60 years

The most favorable age for conception in women is between 20 to 24 years. The older female body is, the more difficult to become pregnant and bear a child.
Can a woman get pregnant after 50-60 years

Medical data

In today's world a huge amount of women striving to be "equal" with men and trying to make a career for himself, completely forgetting about the fact that they are able to continue the race. For this reason, late pregnancy for doctors is not some special case or exception.

According to the results of multiple studies, the doctors concluded that after 35 years in the female body changes due to which chance of having a healthy baby decreases. This is due to the fact that the female body is born with a certain amount of eggs. By the time of puberty, this stock is reduced in half, and by 20 years the number of ovules is reduced even by half. The older grows the body, less egg remains.

Adult people often suffer from serious diseases due to poor ecology. This factor also has a significant impact on the number of healthy eggs.

Do you foresee a pregnancy after 50?

As you know, after 45 years in a woman's body is undergoing serious hormonal changes and menopause occurs. At this time, the sexual activity of women decreases.

However, while menstruation did not stop, the probability of getting pregnant is high. But in medical practice there were even cases when the pregnancy occurs during the menopause (a year after it started), and in a few years. Likely to get pregnant during this period of a woman's life is small, but still it's there.

Difficulties in late pregnancy

In women older than 40 years during pregnancy occurs much more health problems than younger people. Appears most often hypertension.

Throughout pregnancy there is an increased risk of detachment of the placenta and pathological condition of the fetus. As a result, significantly increases the likelihood of miscarriage. But at any age it is possible to avoid these difficulties, if prior to pregnancy to prepare your body.

The female body over the age of 40 after giving birth will not recover as fast as young. Rehabilitation will require much more time and effort. While complications can occur in the form of chronic diseases.

Whether to give birth?

Late pregnancy hormonal causes a bright flash in the body that can affect him not the most favorable way. Before you decide if you leave a pregnancy, you need to think - are you ready for the birth of the child or not.

Most women over the age of 50 years, of course, refuse to keep the baby. But if you do decide to keep it, it should be noted that now there are two of you and you need to take care of your body two times better.

Advice 2 : Is it possible to get pregnant during the menopause?

Every living organism has its own cycle of rise and decline. In women, this cycle is manifested by menopause (menopause), during which the probability of conception is reduced, however, the frequency of unwanted pregnancy is also increased. What is the cause of such a paradox, and whether or not you can get pregnant during menopause?
Is it possible to get pregnant during the menopause?

Hormones and menopause

In the human body conception (and not only them) controls the endocrine system. The eggs are matured under the influence of progesterone and estrogen, but the ovaries respond to the hormones is not as active. The result of the egg is stopped regular and complete maturation, menstruation ceases or becomes more rare – this is the first symptoms of menopause.

Since menopause affects the circulatory system, poor diet all tissues and organs reduces the likelihood of a favorable pregnancy.

According to statistics, menopause most often occurs in 52 years, although the climax can begin much earlier or, conversely, later. Hormonal changes are fully completed in 10 years and fertility begins 1-2 years after the cessation of menstruation. For these several years the possibility of pregnancy still remains. Ignorant women have sex without using contraception, which in turn, leads to unwanted pregnancy. To prevent such situations and relieve the symptoms of menopause gynecologists usually prescribe hormonal birth control pills.

Pregnancy during menopause

Modern women often delay having children, giving preference to the career or the desire to "live for yourself". Unfortunately, some women, early menopause may overtake already at the age of 37, with the result that the probability of conception and successful pregnancy is dramatically reduced. In severe cases, doctors prescribe women ovarian stimulation hormone therapy, allowing them to become pregnant and bear a wanted child.

The rapid flow of menopause can smooth the process of pregnancy and birth of a child, whereas loss of fertility is aggravated by the mental state of women.

Pregnancy during menopause can prolong youth, but it will be a short-term effect. Hormonal changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding have a positive effect on the body, but over time women's health can dramatically falter. Due to the lack of vitamins and minerals, which are so little in menopause, develop osteoporosis and other unpleasant complications. Late pregnancy can disrupt the function of the kidneys and affect the prolapse of pelvic organs. Besides, pregnancy and childbirth are not able to postpone menopause, since this process has a genetic basis.

Advice 3 : Can you get pregnant during menopause

Most women after menopause stop using contraceptives, because they believe that the fertility lost to them. But this solution is not always justified.
Can you get pregnant during menopause
Of menstruation in women, according to statistics, stopped about 50 years. There comes a menopause. Menopause may develop a little earlier. Known pathological situation when cessation of menstruation occurs before forty years.

Is it true that you can get pregnant in old age.

Those who believe that at menopause you cannot get pregnant, are mistaken. Since the beginning of menopause women can preserve fertility for about two years. Though it is unnoticed, after the cessation of menstruation the possibility of pregnancy disappears immediately.

Gynecologists recommend the use of contraceptives a couple of years after, menopause will occur. This period may be reduced – it is necessary to consult a doctor. You might be recommended to change the usual method of protection.

How to conceive in her old age

Conception during menopause is possible, but only in the case when circumstances are certain favourable way. The ovaries produce follicles that will ripen the egg. At the same time produces progesterone and estrogen. They are responsible for the formation of a yellow body, and prepare the uterus to accept the fertilized egg.

The onset of this period in a woman's life is because all the binding conception of the conditions gradually disappear. Have ovarian disappears the health, the secretion of hormones slows down, the follicle runs out. Once ovulation does not occur – hence, the chances of conceiving a child is zero. But the extinction of the reproductive function may take more than one day. Until menopause, it may take years. Theoretically, the conception at this time is impossible.

Early menopause from the point of view of unwanted pregnancy is dangerous enough. Menopause normal may start around 45-50 years. You must take into account the fact late pregnancy has a negative impact on health of the woman and child development in the womb. A significant proportion of these pregnancies ends in the birth of a child with down syndrome. Therefore, it is desirable to do in such cases, preliminary genetic examination.

If the woman decided to get pregnant after forty years with the help of artificial insemination, it is not only undesirable, but also something which is simply not allowed. In the body of a middle-aged woman there is not sufficient supply of vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the complete carrying a child. After birth the woman may experience health problems.

Advice 4 : How not to get pregnant in 50 years

The choice of contraceptives for women older than 50 years is associated with various difficulties. Contraception should be safe and secure. Acquired diseases significantly narrowing down the choices and methods that have been successfully implemented at a young age, is not effective enough. Accidental pregnancy can be dangerous: when it is discontinued the risk of complications increases significantly, while maintaining women's health can deteriorate.
How not to get pregnant in 50 years
Aging for the last several dozen years receded considerably. Before menopause women have already come in 40-42, and 45 to 47 years, nearly all women completely lose their ability to conceive. So, a regular menstrual cycle in most women is saved up to 47-50 years, of which about 70% of cycles with ovulation. Today, women's reproductive health is much better, they longer retain fertility and childbirth. The climax comes in the 47-52 year, sometimes later.

During the extinction of ovarian function at menopause and for several years after the woman needed reliable contraception. The fact that even in post-menopausal stages it is possible to functioning of the ovaries and maturation of oocytes. The woman keeps her waste fertility, and forced to protect themselves. But the later comes the climax, the better the health of the woman, the more comfortable she feels.

The aim of contraception is to prevent abortion

If young women doctors, midwives allow abortion, including for medical reasons, in late reproductive age and in menopause abortion unacceptable. Several times increases the risk of complications, the complexity of the operation may be associated with the presence of fibroids, endometriosis and other extragenital pathologies. It is proved that the abortion in this period, dramatically increase the vulnerability of the target organ is the mammary glands, uterus and ovaries.

The probability of oncological diseases increases many times. Because in the case of unwanted pregnancy resort to expulsion of the fetus in the later stages, and it's not the most pleasant procedure. Diagnosis of pregnancy is extremely difficult - menstruation irregular or absent, early gestosis can be taken for symptoms of menopause.

Hormonal contraception

In the absence of contraindications hormonal contraception is considered the most effective method. It is possible to achieve the contraceptive effect, to arrest the symptoms of menopause and to protect women from osteoporosis. The beneficial effects eliminate vaginal dryness and discomfort during sex.

If a woman has taken oral contraceptives (OC) before the onset of menopause, she saved menstrualnopodobnoe selection. Needed a short cancel OK to evaluate the condition of the ovaries.

Intrauterine device and system

In the absence of contraindications, as well as women who had previously used this method of contraception, intrauterine devices are suitable optimally - Navy gives almost 100% protection against unwanted pregnancy. The presence of dysfunctional uterine bleeding, heavy menstruation, tumors and operations on the cervix are contraindications to the installation of the Navy.

Barrier methods of contraception

Special condoms and diaphragms or caps are highly effective. Condoms are recommended for women with an active sex life and not having a permanent partner, because they protect from pregnancy and infections. Sometimes barrier methods are the only possible protection for women with diseases of internal organs and the presence of tumors - they are OK, and the Navy.

How long you need protection

If menopause occurs before 50 years, contraception within two years from the date of the last menstrual period is considered sufficient. When onset of menopause after age 50 should be protected for at least a year from the date of the last menstrual period. With early climax need reliable contraception to the age of natural menopause.

Spermicides are not highly effective protection, but can be used as a Supplement, because it promotes hydration of the vaginal mucosa and reduce discomfort during sex. A women can be performed surgical sterilization, which completely eliminates the possibility of pregnancy.
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