Late delivery – for or against?

Experts say that women at this age we approach pregnancy and childbirth more seriously. The decision to have a child taken by an adult. It is a conscious choice. Besides, most women after 40 years more secure. Their material, and mental state more stable, which is certainly a plus for the future baby.

Scientists have observed that women who decided to kid at postbalzakovskogo" age, live longer than their peers. Two explanations for this. Initially hesitant late delivery women with better health. Plus the emergence of a "late" child rejuvenates the body of the mother.


The optimal age for women to miscarriage the first pregnancy is considered to be 18-28 years. For pregnancy best age is from 20 to 25 years. However, it plays an important role and General health, heredity, lifestyle, bad habits, sportiness, staying power and so on.

According to statistics, the chances of getting pregnant during menstrual cycle in women who are over 40 years – about 5% . However, if she perseveres, the chances of getting pregnant in a year is approximately 40-50 %. For comparison, in women under 30 years old chances of getting pregnant with the same initial data – 70-80%. The ladies after 43 years, the chances of having a child are equal to 1-2%.

Hesitating for a baby after 42 years, the woman has a huge attention to their health before the conception and during gestation. Unfortunately, the risk of miscarriage in women after 40 years is 40%, after 45 years – 53%. For comparison — in their twenties girls, the risk of miscarriage is only 10%.

Also the probability of occurrence in the family of a retarded child (down syndrome) increases. So, at age 40 the risk is 1 in 110, while in women aged 45 years 1 to 30. It is very important at least three months before planned pregnancy to pass all the necessary tests and to verify the readiness of the organism to pregnancy or to childbirth.

Some genetic disorders can not be identified. They do not depend on the age of the mother or father. Therefore, it is impossible to foresee everything. However, to best protect themselves and the unborn baby. The main thing is to approach the whole process consciously, responsibly and follow all the requirements of the observing physician.