Salting of the flask allows you to keep all of its nutrients and properties, and in some ways improves its sharp taste.

Salting the bulb in the banks

You will need:
- leaves and stems petioles;
- parsley;
- black pepper;
- garlic;
- 50 g of salt.

The leaves of garlic, cut, rinse, then dry, lay on a towel. Usually for freezing, use only the leaves and stalks of the bulb. Meanwhile, prepare the herbs and spices for pickling: chop the parsley, crush the garlic with chesnokodavilke. Jars and lids sterilize, then put vegetables and herbs in layers: first the garlic, then spices and herbs, so to the top.

Prepare a brine of the following calculation: 1 l of water 50 g of salt. Fill jars with brine, loosely close the lids and place in a dark time. From time to time skim off the foam cans. After 2-3 days in a container to pour fresh brine and leave jars in for winter.

Salting the bulb in the banks by fermentation

You will need:
- the leaves and stems of garlic;
- the leaves of currant, cherries;
- Bay leaf;
- dill;
- hell.

Wild garlic rinse and lay on towel to dry naturally. Banks sterilize. Put the flask in jars in layers, alternating with leaves of currant, cherry, horseradish, Bay leaf and dill.

Meanwhile, prepare the brine: on 1 l of water to 50 g of salt. Pour the cooked brine and put the jar on the plate of the yoke. Samolevskaya the bulb will form a foam which must be periodically removed, the plate washed in a solution containing soda.

Wander the bulb maybe around 2 weeks all the time necessary to remove the foam. After the end of the fermentation prepare fresh brine and fill the jar, then refrigerate with the lid closed.

Use the bulb in cooking

Wild garlic because of its flavor perfectly stimulates the appetite, promotes the secretion of gastric juice, improves digestion. Onion and garlic flavor make wild garlic is a great additive to any dish. In addition, the bulb is used as an independent component in salads.

Eating can be like onions, the stems and leaves of garlic. Is it raw, boiled, to roast, pickling and salting. Dried garlic loses its important properties, so in this form it is not particularly used.

The taste of garlic goes well with meat and fish dishes, cheese, eggs and cucumbers. It can also be used as a filling, for example, in pies or bread.