You will need
    • fish;
    • coarse salt;
    • vinegar;
    • enameled capacity or the capacity of stainless steel;
    • wire or string.
Preparation rayispolkom for pickling only the freshest fish, which was kept for just a few hours after harvest. Small fish (up to 0.8 kg) gutting is not necessary. Fish larger clean from the inside and pour salt inside. It is also recommended to make a longitudinal cut on the back and fill it with salt. The rest of the fish generously rubbed with crystals and especially in the head region and gills. Suitable only for coarse salt and free of impurities – creates a fine salt on the fish a crust, which prevents the brine inside.
Seselkina the bottom of enamelware or stainless steel container, pour a layer of salt thickness of 5 mm. Place the first row of the fish, sprinkling it with salt crystals. The top 10 mm of salt, then another layer of fish and so on. When you are finished, put on the capacity of the oppression and put in a cool place – the refrigerator or on the balcony during winter, but avoid direct sunlight. Periodically drain the resulting liquid. On salting small fish (0.1 kg) will take no more than two days, larger fish (up to 0.8 kg) will be ready in 3-4 days, larger – 5-14 days. The cessation of the profuse discharge of the liquid is evidence that the fish is salty.
Soscasino the fish from the tank, rinse well with her. During the second rinse, add 25 ml of vinegar for every three liters of water in order to avoid when drying the neck. Hang the fish upside down is not recommended, as the juice from it will emerge, and the product is tough and tasteless. The best option is to pass thread or wire through the eye holes. Strung the fish, post it in a well ventilated place, away from direct sun. To prevent transfer of the parasites is better to cover the fish with a gauze or a mosquito net.