You will need
    • 1 kg walleye;
    • 150 g of salt;
    • pepper;
    • Bay leaf to taste
You first need to prepare walleye for salting. To do this, carefully wash it under running cold water until the disappearance of mucus.
The washed fish is cleaned of scale, gut the insides. It is important not to damage the bile. Otherwise the fish will become bitter, making it unfit for human consumption.
If the fish is large, it is necessary to make an incision on the back, to avoid later damage.
Then rinse with walleye remains of scales and blood.
Take 150 grams of large salt (can use sea). RUB it thoroughly all the fish focusing on the gills and slit on the back (these places fill salt). It is better to use more salt than insufficient salting (she's not spoiled).
The thus-prepared walleye lay belly up in the barrel. The tank shall be clean and free of foreign odours. Do not forget to pour the ranks of salt, peas and Bay leaf. Spices will give your fish a unique taste. Most of the salt should be in the upper ranks.
Close the barrel with a wooden lid and put on top of oppression.
Salting large fish should be in a cool place for 15 days, and small enough - 4 to 5 days.
At the expiration of this period, remove the perch, rinse it with cold water from the excess salt. Then hang in a cool ventilated and dry.
If you don't like very salty perch, before hanging soak it in water (until the fish will float).