You will need
    • For pickling flounder in olive oil:
    • large flounder;
    • olive oil;
    • salt (large);
    • any spices to taste.
    • For salted flounder:
    • 1 kg of flounder;
    • 100-200 g of coarse salt;
    • 20-40 g of sugar;
    • dill.
Frozen flounder cut (slanting, the eyes cut) head, open the belly and remove the innards. Then remove the skin from the head to the tail. Podawa knife, pull down. The frozen fish it can be easily removed with strips. Cut the fins, cut off the fillets, wash and defrost.
Salting flounder in olive oil. Good dry each fillet with a towel or napkin and cut it into large pieces. Pour into a bowl or deep plate with the olive oil. Dip slices of flounder in butter and lay them in layers in a glass bowl. From lemon squeeze the juice. Each layer of flounder, salt, a little sprinkle with lemon juice, you can sprinkle with herbs and white ground pepper. Salted flounder taste like salted fish, use more salt, less salt or less, but for pickling this recipe is enough to salt the flounder, as in frying. Top row flounder pour olive oil so that the oil is well coated all the fish. Glass bowl cover and refrigerate. After 12 hours the fish are salted, but ready to eat will be in two days, when well-soaked with oil.
Salted flounder. For pickling flounder for this recipe, choose a medium-sized fish, medium size. Cut off the flounder's head, cut the abdomen, gut and remove the fins. Then have a fish to fillet, rinse well and carefully dry each fillet. Mix in a bowl salt and sugar. Wash, dry and finely chop the dill. Take a sheet of parchment paper, put on it a layer of fish, skin-side down and sprinkle with mixture of salt and sugar, and top with dill. Lay the second layer of flounder meat down. Then well wrap fish in parchment, put the yoke and put in the fridge. Saline this recipe flounder will be ready in a day.