You will need
    • Hamsa;
    • salt (large);
    • ground black pepper;
    • black peppercorns;
    • Bay leaf;
    • capacity for Ambassador.
If you manage to find fresh anchovy - you are very lucky, then you live in places of its production. Usually Hamsa is treated with a method of quick freezing, to deliver fish to buyers with preserved taste. Before the Ambassador takes to the fish was room temperature, for this it is necessary to gradually thaw. This is best done on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator during the day.
After the fish is thawed, it should be well washed to remove slime, scales, and just for cleanliness. Then have the fish: remove the head and insides. This is usually done manually, without using any additional devices. Hamsa is taken with two fingers of the right hand over the gills, and the left hand gently pull the carcass and severing the head from the body. Often the insides are drawn behind the head, but if this did not happen, they must then clean, vsporov abdomen, to the Ambassador of the fish bitter.

However, if the fish are very small, the gutting will be missed.
Then again wash the fish in running water and carefully drained all the fluid. After all the water is glass, proceed to the Ambassador.
Take a large rock salt and sprinkle on fish fairly abundant. Then very gently with your hands mix the fish (better to mix from the bottom to the top, gradually spreading all the salt on the fish). If you want to make spicy Ambassador, then add the anchovy black pepper, Bay leaf and coriander. After adding the spices again gently mix the fish.
Then place the shrimp in a container for further salting. The fish lay so that it was possible to put on the cover bends, top to leave room for the brine that will form.
A container of fish put in the fridge for 8-12 hours. You can then get the ready salted anchovy and to enjoy the sweet taste of this delicious snack.