You will need
    • fish;
    • salt (large);
    • water;
    • capacity of Ambassador;
    • oppression.
Before salting the fish, you need to decide on the method of salting. There are two ways of salting fish. The first method is the salting - salted fish without entrails, that is gutted, the so-called "farm Ambassador". The second method of salting fish is called a "cultural Ambassador" when the fish is salted without evisceration. In this case, it will have a stronger flavor.
Cisco for the Ambassador to take only the freshest. The fresher the fish the tastier it will be after pickling. Feel free to choose and check for the smell of fish when purchasing, it is a guarantee that you will buy a fresh product.
Then thoroughly rinse the fish. If you will be salting in the usual way, then proceed to the next step. If evisceration, then gently strut the belly of the fish, remove all the innards, rinse with cold running water. Attention, the scales don't want to empty!
After that, pour the prepared fish with salt. If you don't know how much salt you need to take the fish, you can use the following method. Pour on a flat surface with a layer of salt thickness of about 0.5 cm Then take the fish, put it in salt, press, then flip and press again. How much salt caked on the fish - this will be enough for salting. It is best to take major salt, it dissolves slowly, and the Ambassador evenly.
Then sprinkled with salt fish put in a container for salting. The installation should be tight, head-to-tail, as long as the abdomen of the fish "looked" up, thus the brine will be in. Then top each row of the Cisco sprinkle with salt, and so fill the jar to the top.
Once the container is filled, place the top yoke. At the end of the day the fish will be salted, and he's already fit to eat, but better to wait two days and enjoy the sweet taste of well prosyanoy fish.