The Scandinavians salted herring in the 11th century, it is well kept in barrels in abundance were carried out in the Baltic sea and was a frequent guest on the table of the Danes, the Swedes and the inhabitants of the Baltic States. Herring, usually salted cold process - in brine so the fish is fully pickles and it turns out very tender and extremely tasty.

For salting it is best to take a medium-sized herring. The fish must be salted with the head, as herring. The only thing - before the Ambassador it is necessary to scrape the fish with a knife, clean it from scales. For pickling herring will need:

- 2 kilograms of herring;

- 1 liter of drinking water;

- 4 tablespoons coarse salt;

- 1 full tablespoon dried dill;

- a pinch of cumin seeds;

- a little celery;

- pinch of dried parsley;

a good pinch of black spicy pepper;

- a bit dry cloves.

For pickling you will need a pot. It should be tightly lay a fish. And then you need to prepare the brine. The water must boil, add water, salt, cloves, parsley root and celery, dill and caraway. The brine needs to cool down so that the fish is not cooked, it is necessary to fill only cold spicy brine. When the brine has cooled, you can pour it over the herring and flatten the plate. Now the fish will colitisa. It is best to remove the pan in the refrigerator.

The process of salting will take two days. After this time the fish to pull out of the pan and an appetite to eat a couple of fish. Residues can be spread along the banks and put into the refrigerator.

From ready-salted herring can be prepared a salad with potatoes, peas and eggs. Preparing it is very simple. Enough to boil 4 potatoes and two eggs, peel them and slice them. To take things 5 - 6 Salak, peel them and finely chop. Add fish to potatoes and eggs, open a jar of green peas, add to salad, add salt and season it as desired with mayonnaise, sour cream (not fat) or oil.