How to make a simple trap for mosquitoes?

For making a simple trap for mosquitoes you'll need: two-liter plastic bottle, knife, tape, black paper, cooking thermometer, water and sugar, and dry yeast.

First cut the bottle tip at the place where it starts to expand. Insert this cut the top of the bottle upside down. Now fasten the edges of the crater obtained the tape. Get cooking sugar syrup. To do this, dissolve the sugar in a glass of boiled water and mix the resulting solution with two cups of cool water. Be sure to check the temperature of the liquid. It should not exceed 30oC. After reaching the optimum temperature add to the mixture the yeast. To mix nothing.

Pour prepared formula into the bottle and wrap it with black paper. It remains only to put the finished trap in a dark corner and change the syrup two times a month.

Electromechanical trap-destroyer with your own hands

If you want to make more perfect the means to deal with mosquitoes, you can try to build Electromechanical trap. To create a masterpiece you will need available materials. The main part of the trap is an electric motor that provides the suction effect. The principle of the device lies in the fact that insects are tightened inside the trap and are in a special container.

As a basis for power you can use 12 volts DC. The cooler, which will serve as a fan for the trap, it is better to choose a big enough size. Housing can be an ordinary plastic jar (e.g., mayonnaise). Take that to the Bank and make it to the bottom of the hole. Its diameter should match the diameter of the blades of the cooler. By the way, the cooler usually comes with screws. These screws fasten it to the bottom of the plastic jars. The cooler should stay outside.
Now it is time to reflect on the bait. It is best to use a 12-volt light bulb with a bayonet cap and a cartridge to it. It will heat the surrounding air and create a faint glow. It has long been proven that light is one of the main factors for attracting mosquitoes and other flying insects. As a light source, you can use the LEDs green. And it will be cheaper to buy them separately, and in the ribbon. Place the LEDs into the container. They will attract insects from outside.

But the light lures will not be enough. You will need to use yeast, lactic acid and carbon dioxide. Previously add the design capacity for future bait. For this purpose, suitable plastic bottle cap with valve. At the top you need to do three holes and insert the pieces of copper wire in isolation. Also wire needs to attach to the upper part of the body of the trap.

In a container for bait, add yeast and a little drops of yogurt. The principle of yeast fermentation will be used to generate carbon dioxide. Now we have to take a mesh bag with a drawstring and put it on the lower part of the trap. This will be the container for the caught mosquitoes.