Plant Basil near the front door or the window on the cottage or in a private house, the smell of this plant repels mosquitoes and flies. Basil can grow in any climate, even in the hot and dry summer. This beautiful plant will look good in the indoor pot. So mosquitoes can not stop you on the street, take a bundle of Basil.
Instead of Basil you can use lavender, whose scent deters mosquitoes, moths and butterflies. Put the pot with this plant on a balcony or near a window and entrance door to the house flew into insects.
Greater effect has mint, it repels many pests - mosquitoes, ants, flies, fleas and mice. This plant has a pleasant characteristic odor. Dry bundles of grass and spread out on the shelves, the window sills, on the balcony, near the front door. Just do not use marsh mint, a large quantity of this plant are poisonous to Pets and children.
Well repels mosquitoes elderberry. Plant it around the house or bring into the apartment branch. In the latter case, the branches from time to time need to change. Most insects don't like the smell of tomato leaves. Make the beds of this plant or just put it in a regular flower pot and place near a window.
If you want to be in nature, take the remedy: a glass of water, take five grams of cloves and boil 15 minutes. 10 drops of this tincture mix with one tablespoon of any Cologne. The resulting mixture wipe all exposed areas of the body. The tool has two hours and protects against mosquitoes and midges.
Makes a great insect repellent bloodsuckers root wheat grass (a common weed). Dig up the root and pour half a liter of boiling water. Boil several times, the broth should be light yellow. Wipe them all exposed areas of the body, including the face. The tool is absolutely harmless.