You will need
  • - about 15 m (2 m wide) of a thin tarpaulin or nylon;
  • - about 3 m (2 m wide) of gauze or mesh fabric for the canopy;
  • - adhesive for rubber.
Sew the awning Polustrovo form of a thin canvas, nylon or waterproof silver fabric. Prepare also, the mesh or gauze canopy that will protect against the penetration of mosquitoes and midges when the doors thrown back.
Draw design of the tent, denoting all the details. The front wall of palestra is a trapezoid roof of triangular shape, the width of the trapezoid - about three and a half metres in height (with roof) - one meter seventy centimeters, the side of the trapezoid is about one meter. The rear wall has the same width, in height it refers to the height of the front, like 6 to 10. The shape of the rear wall - also a-line with a "roof", but it is not pointed, but flat, with two steep slopes, dividing the top line into three equal parts.
Draw side walls - rectangles with a length of about two meters (the depth of the awning), a width of about one meter ( this measure coincides with the side of the trapezoid front and rear walls). The roof of the tent consists of five triangles fanning from a center point of the front wall, a "ridge" design. To the front wall of the adjacent two right-angled triangles (the right and left of center), which are combined with side and front walls, and the hypotenuse crosses the roof.
Draw the Central triangle of the roof, the acute angle of which coincides with the ridge, and two identical triangles, which are located left and right of Central.
Take a break and stitch detail durable linen thread, seam, seal the seams for strength strips of the same fabric from which the awning is sewed using rubber cement. To the side edges of the awning sew sling (straps, which allow you to stretch an awning to attach to trees). The awning is installed through the Central rack, which is driven or volutives in the ground. An awning fits over the ridge on the bar and then stretched the sides.
Sew the canopy of gauze or mesh manually after set the tent. This will make it possible to precisely adjust the length of the canopy, which should bend inwards at the ground to ensure the expulsion of mosquitoes. In the daytime it is best to keep the canopy open to provide ventilation. The awning will protect from rain and sun, it is possible to dissolve a small fire, the field to arrange the bath, or to equip the dining room.