You will need
  • newspaper.
First, carefully close all doors to the room with the insect. This is necessary in order to locate the source of hum, that is a fly. To run after the frisky creature throughout the apartment very uncomfortable, but fun.
Look for unnecessary newspaper. Perfect one advertising that every day some kind soul put it in your Inbox, stoically oblivious to flying her yelling about "the fucking paper that you have nowhere to put".
The newspaper roll into a tube or just fold in half. Next, take her right hand. Pinpoint the location of the insect by sound or visually. Simply put, listen and watch where the insect is, and by what trajectories prefers to move.
Finding a fly, wave at her newspaper, directing the insect towards the window. With high probability it can be argued that approaching the window, the fly will start to Bang your head and the entire body on the glass.While the insect is busy, quickly close a curtain on the window. This will help to isolate the fly from the rest of the room, and you get rid of one hour of running around with a newspaper over the buzzing creature.
Now open the window or window sash. Skilful hand, armed with newspaper, adjust the direction of the movement flies in the direction of the open window. Finding an opening, the fly will most likely leave your house (if, of course, did not have time to get attached). To simplify this part of the procedure, you can use the same newspaper, slapping it cornered fly.