If the founders of the company was accepted the decision about introduction of changes in the types of activities that were set forth in its Charter, it must notify the licensing authority. For early termination of the license, provide the statement to the organization that issued it, it is written in free form. The application must be submitted no later than two weeks before the day the licensed activity is actually terminated.
The statement must indicate the license number, the date of its issuance and the name of the authority that granted the license. The application shall attach an original document that confirms the legality of activities undertaken by the company. It the licensing authority will bear appropriate marks that make it invalid.
All the procedures related to the termination of the license and registration of the decision, will take no more than 3-4 working days. When you get your hands on this document, it is necessary to register all the changes that have affected the activities of your company.
The license will be terminated only after all changes are made in the founding documents and is registered in the unified state register of legal entities (EGRUL) or individual entrepreneurs (egrip). These registers should be made of record that the legal entity has ceased the activity in connection with liquidation or reorganization, and the individual - as an individual entrepreneur. The basis for making changes is the decision of the licensing body of early termination of the license.
After receipt of the certificate of incorporation or EGRIP prepare a letter to the state statistical bodies with the request to make appropriate changes in the statistical forms relating to the activities of your company.