You will need
  • documents; the payment of the license fee.
To obtain a medical license need a big list of documents on Ministry of health order No. 142 of 29 April 1998 "On the list of types of medical activities subject to licensing". In this piece of legislation indicated the need for a license for a beauty salon.
Collect the following documents:
- copy of certificate about state registration of the organization as a legal entity;

- copies of founding documents – regulation, Memorandum and articles of Association;

- copy of letter or certificate of registration in the tax police;

- copies of documents on ownership or use of the premises for a beauty salon;

- a copy(s) of all existing licenses;

- the conclusion of the tsgsen your city (original and copy);

- assessment of the fire service about the compliance of the premises to engage in beauty activities fire safety requirements (original);

- explanatory note - a brief description of the intended medical activity.

- copies of the certificates of your professional qualifications in the beauty: of the diploma of education, certificates of specialization, etc, etc (with presentation of the original, if the copy is not notarized);

- a Bank payment order or a copy of the payment receipt of the license fee.
For all the information provided in the documents you are responsible under the law. All the documents you have collected to obtain a license, you will be on the inventory but a copy with the date of reception of documents you should have on hand (it will be sent to you after receiving the documents). It will be an additional guarantee of your actions.