You will need
  • Tincture of iodine, pure water, a muzzle on his neck, antibiotics, antifungal ointments, vitamins, disinfectants.
Ringworm (dermatophytosis) is one of the most common infectious diseases in the world. It is more common in dogs and in humans. The causative agent of ringworm is a fungus trihofitonom. This fungus is quite stable in the environment , survives in very cold or hot weather, is easily transmitted from one animal to another. Your dog may catch ringworm from another sick dog through the manger or the litter.
Despite the fact that the disease grows rapidly progressing and difficult to treat, most pet owners with the right approach to treatment easily and quickly save their Pets from leaving.
Basically ringworm affects people and animals with weak immunity. In particular, at risk include very young or very old people and animals. In addition, the weaker and smaller the animal, the more severe are the consequences of the disease. For example, for cats with ringworm more dangerous. than for dogs, because it quickly affects all the healthy areas of the skin.
Disease begins with an incubation period, is not accompanied by symptoms. It lasts from 10 to 30 days. Then in dogs occur on the skin of the muzzle, ears, tail gray scaly patches that have different form and size. Later, these spots spread to the legs, back and sometimes stomach. The dog scratched, her hair all fall out on the affected skin well visible sore spots.
If you suspect your dog have ringworm, the first thing you should do is to limit the contact of sick dog with children and other animals. You should observe good personal hygiene, always wash your hands, treat the floor with disinfectant.
As with all fungal diseases, treatment of trichophytosis should begin with the purpose of potent antifungal drugs. Most fungi has a high sensitivity to medications, which include iodine. Therefore, for the treatment of lichen are widely used drugs based on this substance. Also use drugs such as "Dermatol", "Juglone", "Griseofulvin". Often in the course of treatment include antibiotics.
Before applying ointments and other remedies should cut out the dog's coat to treat the affected area with clean water and then with iodine. Then apply the ointment. It is important to ensure that the dog is not licking of the place to which it is applied. In addition, the dog gives vitamins, strengthen the immune system.The sooner treatment is started, the better it will be for you and your pet.