The most popular means for getting rid of fleasalready settled on the pet, is a special protivoblastomnah shampoo for dogs. You can buy it at any pet store or veterinary clinic. This means virtually no contraindications, but the duration of protection from protivoblastomnah of the shampoo is very short. In addition, the shampoo does not protect the animal from re-emergence of fleas.
какой укол сделать собаке от блох
To get rid of fleas from dogsand with a special protivoblastomnah drops are simply applied to the skin of the animal in the shoulder area. This provides protection against fleas for 2 to 4 months.
как вывести блох у маленького щенка
Some dogsgadflies to spare their Pets from fleas, use a special spray. After the complete processing of animal this tool cannot be allowed to the dogsand licked themselves before the spray dries. The action of such tools lasts generally for 6 months. By the way, this method of getting rid of fleas is not suitable for long-haired dogs.
вывести блох у хомячка
Despite the fact that one of the most popular tools that help to rid dogsof fleasis protivoblastomnah collar, it has many drawbacks. First, it is not able to protect from insects, long-haired animal. Second, he often rubs the skin of dogse, causing her serious discomfort. Thirdly, the peculiar smell of the collar is not like most dogs, causing them frustration and anxiety. In addition, protivoblastomnah collar cannot be worn by sick animals and puppies. You should not use it only to prevent the emergence of insects, and not for getting rid of them.
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To get rid of fleas from dogsand you can use the decoction of celandine and succession. Get it, following the instructions written on the package. Then cool the broth, RUB the animal against the grain and dry thoroughly with a hair dryer. Do not wipe your dogshave a towel, otherwise a large part protivoblastomnah broth may be removed from its skin. This treatment is able to protect the animal from fleas for a few days.
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