You will need
  • vacuum cleaner;
  • - a device for film welding / soldering iron / device for burning wood / iron;
  • nozzle for a soldering iron;
  • metal plate / sheet or foil (sleeve for baking).
Fill a clear bag or products (e.g. fruits, berries, or mushrooms for freezing) and try to release the air out. You can use the vacuum cleaner, removing all nozzles. This will make the plastic bag more compact, which is especially important when stacking the clothing and to preserve food.
Buy a special electric device for welding plastic films (or a manual sealer for packages). It makes sense to always have on hand if you frequently work with polyethylene (for example, keep the greenhouse at their summer cottage, or collect a large crop of fruits and want to save it).
Read the instructions to heat the apparatus and according to its recommendations make a thermal seam. Such devices are adapted for such work, and you do not need much effort. As a rule, they are versatile – they can be used to solder the package not only polyethylene, but also polypropylene film, and laminated paper.
Prepare handy tools that will help you to seal the package. For example, put it between two pieces of metal (plates or simply iron ruler). The free edge of the bag should extend slightly from the press. Draw on them the heated soldering iron or a device for burning wood. Work carefully so as not to ruin the material! The metal will act as a restrictor and will not allow the plastic to curl.
Use the expertise of some craftsmen and will cook tip on the soldering iron which will allow to solder the film with great convenience and to make a neat seam. You can make a blade on the tip, bending a piece of tin plate.
Another option is to fasten tip wheel flint lighters. Or plate of copper, rolled with tube and drilled a couple of holes the diameter of the pins (wire attached). The nozzle is stretched over the tip; then her nail is fixed a toothed wheel of copper.
Solder the polyethylene using the iron. Put the welded part of the package overlap, overlay them on the reverse and front sides smooth fabric strips (they must be 100% cotton or linen, without the addition of synthetic fibres!). Priutyuzhte film, heating the sole of the iron to the maximum temperature.
Instead of fabric as a lining, you can use a chopped foil or sleeve for baking. In this case, enclose these materials from the bottom of the package, fold the base edge and cover it with a new strip of foil (or second sleeve). Go iron all the layers, remove the lining.
Finally, try another common way to solder plastic. First, melt a small amount of unnecessary plastic masses, then (while it does not harden!) drip it in the area of connection parts of the package. After hardening of the glue you get a pretty solid (albeit not very exquisite) seam.