Potassium permanganate is sold not in pharmacies, for two reasons. First, this so innocent in appearance the powder is a component to make explosives. However, for the bombs it will need quite a lot. Secondly, in modern pharmacies do not always have the conditions for storage of potassium permanganate. Powder potassium permanganate dissolves readily in water, so it must be stored in a dry place. This means, most likely, will not be at the pharmacy, the range of which consists primarily of hygiene products and food additives. But where custom-make all kinds of ointments and potions, and there are certainly potassium permanganate. In any case, you just need to ask the pharmacist. Potassium permanganate is sold in bags or small jars for 3 g. But it is better to ask for a prescription.
Powder potassium permanganate stored for a long time, so if he found grandma in the closet – it can be used.

Store chemicals

Powder of potassium permanganate is used for chemical experiments. So it can be bought at the store chemicals. Unfortunately, these shops are not even in all regional centers. But in Moscow and St. Petersburg they are, and there you will offer this product – you can ask for a request from the school or College.

Some stores of chemicals and pharmacies sell including via the Internet. Potassium permanganate, like any substance, can be booked directly on the website.

The goods for gardeners

A solution of potassium permanganate is also used in horticulture. Is a recognized remedy for several common diseases of plants. So take a walk to the nearest store where they sell the goods for gardeners, and ask there. Potassium permanganate is usually there, but often in the solution. Offers an online store for gardeners. You can offer even potassium permanganate in pound pack. This quantity of potassium permanganate for medical purposes is unlikely to be needed, even for concentrated solution only need a few crystals. But potassium permanganate can be stored forever, if you stick to it. Most suitable ordinary glass jar with a well fitting lid. The jar should be washed and very thoroughly dried. Pharmacies usually potassium permanganate is stored in receptacles with tightly fitting lids, but at home it's not necessary. The substance itself is not aggressive, and most importantly in storage – to prevent the formation of moisture. So storage will suit not only the Bank but the wax paper bag. Potassium permanganate should not be in contact with glycerin and some other substances.