You will need
  • - computer
  • - Internet
The easiest to use is the use of the Internet mirrors. Differently, they are called anonymizers. Type in the search engine “web proxy” and choose any of the sites. Once you visit such website, you will find it on the address bar, which you must enter the address you are interested in the site. Hit “enter” and you can safely browse the site.
The second option is the use of the Internet service Type in the address bar addressзаблокированный_сайт.ru, vyberite “See original page”. After that you can freely browse the website you are interested in.
The third option is the most complex. To do this you need to download and install java applications, then you download the program Opera mini. The essence of this browser is that the pages that you request, it processes on your proxy server, and then sends you. Thus, you can safely browse any website without fear that you are interested in the website block.