What is spam

Spam is unsolicited messages, such as unsolicited advertising, annoying zazywanie to join any group and so on. Spamming is a serious violation of the Rules of the site and may lead to blocking of the user profile, sending such messages.

If your name is sending spam, it means that the attackers were able to access your profile and found out the username and password. If you can log in to your profile on Facebook – change your password immediately (you can do this in menu -> Edit settings -> Password ).

Why is my profile blocked

Your profile can be blocked for two reasons:
- for suspected hacking;
for infringement of rules of use of the website.

How to restore access to the site

If your profile is often hacked, it is likely that you computer has got the virus. Update your antivirus software (important!) and carefully check the computer.

If your profile has been blocked due to suspicion of hacking, you can reset it using your mobile phone or pass the test by guessing correctly the names of 5 your friends.

Please note that if you are not able to get pictures of all your friends, re-recovery would only be possible in a few hours.

If you become a victim of hackers, contact support with detailed problem description, specifying the following profile data:
- login;
- age;
- name, surname;
- country and city;
- link to profile (or profile ID);
- telephone number;
- e-mail address.

Please note that if you deliberately went to the violation of the terms of use, customer support cannot restore your profile.

What to do if you received spam

Please do not communicate with users sending spam, even with the best intentions – you risk losing your profile!

The best thing to do when receiving unsolicited messages – add of the user who submitted them, in the "black list", and to complain to the administration spam.

What to do when friends come game invites that I never sent

ID is your unique identifier on the Classmates. If you know your ID, it greatly increases the chances that the support will be able to quickly restore access to your profile

Perhaps the access to your profile has received a third party and they sent invitations to your friends on your behalf. For security purposes, we recommend that you immediately change your password from your profile on the Classmates and the password from your email.

Here are two simple steps that will help you prevent the recurrence of such situations:
- by linking to Classmates, always check the address bar of the browser. The website address always has a domain odnoklassniki.ru (or odnoklassniki.ua). If link leads outside the site – never use it your username and password from Classmates;
- periodically check your PC with a fresh version of antivirus software.