You will need
  • — PC with Windows operating system and Internet access;
  • — the web browser Mozilla Firefox;
  • the FoxyProxy add — on. for the web browser Mozilla Firefox;
  • program of TOR/Vidalia.
Open the link download and install the Firefox web browser. Install the add-on FoxyProxy by clicking on the address Use the link and download the latest version of TOR/Vidalia.
Browse to the downloaded software distributions of TOR/Vidalia and then install it on your computer. During installation, deselect the offered components of the program by re-checking points "Privoxy", and "TorButton". Run TOR/Vidalia and make sure it is connected to the network.
Configure the FoxyProxy add-on.. Launch the web browser Firefox. Click on the label "FoxyProxy: disabled" in the bottom of the window. In the settings menu click "File" — "Master TOR" and agree with the proposed items. Close all Windows and accept the suggested automatic restart the Firefox web browser.
Create a list of blocked sites. Right click on the keypad icon "FoxyProxy" and in the context menu, select "Use proxies based on patterns". Go to settings, add-ons and open the window, "FoxyProxy — proxy Settings", double-clicking on the Tor button in proxy list.
In the window "FoxyProxy — proxy Settings" form the list of sites to which you want to access. In the field "template Name" set any record, in the form of "URL Pattern" enter ** where "" — required for opening a blocked resource. Close the active window and go to any website from the list you've created. Access is not included in the list of resources will be through a common connection.