You will need
  • - web proxy
  • - Web2Mail
  • - Google Translator
Using web proxy
Many free online services will help you to access blocked sites via proxy server. Proxy server is an intermediary between the user and the server to which the request was submitted. Except that your traffic would not reflect the website you are visiting, you will remain an anonymous user.
URL change
This is the easiest way to see the blocked site, if you are not interested in the anonymity of the visits, and you are sure that your story is not visible by the administrator. Only need to change the site address from http to https.
The use of IP
In order to enter the IP address instead of a URL, it must know in advance or find. Log in via the menu "start" in a command prompt and type "ping url".
The use of online translators
There are sites that provide services to translate entire pages by the entered address. For Example, Google Translator. Enter the address in the web form and translated into any language. You still interested in the original.
With Web2Mail
Web2Mail is a free email. She delivers to your address a set of web pages to which you have subscribed. The page is sent to you as soon as it receives any changes.
In Internet Explorer /Opera Mozilla/ Firefox
If the site was blocked by accident or because of failures in the software, the problem can be solved using browser settings.
Internet Explorer
Start Internet Explorer and open the menu "tools". Select "Internet options". Select the "Privacy" tab and click "Sites". Remove the addresses of sites to which you want to access, and then select "OK". Restart the browser.
Launch the Opera browser. Go to "Settings" and click the "Advanced" tab. Select "Content" in the menu on the left side of the form. Select the address of the website you want to unblock and delete it from the list. Close the menu and restart the browser.
Mozilla Firefox
Firefox offers to use your add-ons to block sites. Go to "Tools", find the addon that is responsible for blocking sites and delete the address of the desired website from its listings.