To restore the page in the "Classmates", you first need to determine what happened to her. If the profile fails to come, there may be several reasons:

- you removed the page;

- you have blocked the administration of the social network;

- you enter the wrong username or password.

How to restore a deleted page in the "Classmates"

To remove the profile in the "Classmates" accidentally is virtually impossible, so if you did own it, then return your data and information posted to the account, unfortunately, will not work.

Can try to write in support of the social network, but they are unlikely to be able to help in the reconstruction of the profile because, refusing the services of the site, you've made a conscious decision.

So how to recover the deleted profile, you can only make a new account. If you removed the page less than three months ago, to re-register, you will need a new mobile number since it is linked to the old profile.

If you didn't block your profile and just deleted the information, then nothing will stop you again to make the desired data from your computer. You only need to remember a username and password.

How to recover hacked page in the "Classmates"

Attackers often steal passwords from social media accounts to send out on behalf of the user spam his friends with advertisements, links to malware or scams.

If you are unable to go to the "Classmates", they probably changed your password.

It's easy enough to recover and change, and then you will be able to come again to your page.

If you bound the account to the phone number, then the main social network page you need to find the link "Forgot password or login?" and click on it.

You will see a form which you need to enter your mobile and the security code shown in the picture. In the SMS message you will receive a password to login.

If you do not remember your login from the page in the "Classmates", you can also enter the linked cell instead, it will help you go to my profile.

It also happens that you have access only to email, which was registered in the account. We must act in the same way as in the previous case, only in the form of access recovery enter is phone this address. After you click on the "Continue" button, a box will drop an email with a link for resetting your password. The letter will also code that you will need to enter when you change protect your account.

Going to the website "Odnoklassniki", you can enter a new password. Please note that it needs to be at least eight characters and include not only letters but also numbers.

How to restore the old page in the "Classmates"

If your account was registered long ago, but you did not go there, then surely the username and password. Fortunately, it's not forever. You can recover the password from the page if you have access to the email to which it was or the phone number linked to the questionnaire.

Details how to recover the password from the page above.

If your phone number or email has changed, you can try to contact the site administrator through the support center. To help restore access to the page, you will need to prove that you are its owner.

How to restore a page in the "Classmates", if it is locked

It happens that the profiles in the social network block due to violation of the rules of the site. One of the most common is spamming users.

If your page was hacked and sent spam, then you can restore access to blocked profile by contacting support.

To do this, proceed as follows:

- go to the home page by clicking on the logo;

- move the cursor to the bottom of the screen and find the item "Rules";

- select "Contact support";

- in the opened window fill in your details;

- to provide a valid email address, which is supposed to be the answer;

- choose from the list of topics for treatment the option "account is blocked or deleted";

- send the completed form.

In the next 48 hours you will have to come to an answer, from which you will learn how to restore the page in the "Classmates".