First of all, find out why your page is blocked. If it was an accident and you did nothing contrary to the rules of the site, simply write to technical support email. Email address - Ask them to unblock your page.
If you really broke the rules of the site and the moderators rejected your request for the unlock, then try another method. Change your IP address. Check online for services that can change or hide your IP address (for example, service "Anonymizer"), as the account in the social network is blocked on your IP.
If a page is blocked the spammers and requires activation via SMS, the main thing – in any case, do not send SMS to the specified number! You just lose a considerable amount of money. This problem occurs because of a virus that settled in your computer, so you need to find the virus file and delete it.
To do this, open Disk C – Windows – System 32 – Drivers. Locate the file called hosts, open it with Notepad. Remove this file, all except the "127.00.1 localhost". Then close all Windows and restart the computer.
If the previous operation fails, try to visit the website of the antivirus (Kaspersky or Dr.Web) and using a special service try to get the key to unlock your page.
There are special programs to find viruses and spam and spyware. Try to use them, for sure they will help you unblock your page.