Find through a search engine proxy servers. They may be free or not. To get free addresses, type in the search bar of the free proxy. The address appears to be in this form: Here, the first group of digits is the IP address of the server, and the second 8008 port.
Configure your browser to work with proxy server. Why write in browser settings IP address and port of the proxy server. If you have Mozilla Firefox: "Tools — preferences — advanced — Network — Connection — Configure Manual proxy configuration". In the case of Google Chrome, go to "options – preferences – advanced – network – change proxy settings-server". For Opera you can do this: Tools — Settings — Advanced — Network — Proxy servers. For Internet Explorer 8: tools - Internet options - Connections tab - button "network configuration" - uncheck "Automatically detect settings" and tick on "Use proxy server for your LAN". In the Address field write the IP address of the proxy server and the Port field is the port address. Click on "OK". Restart the browser.
Check the operation of the browser. Go to a few sites. If the sites are loaded, then everything is fine. If not, change the proxy to another. Enter in the settings of the other values for IP address and port.