Use of anonymizers, such as С or Anonymizer - service that allows anonymous access to sites. In this case, you can visit any sites, not fixing them ' in the logs. The information you request is initially routed through a proxy server, anonymizer, and only then is forwarded to your computer. The page address is encrypted under a link from the website of anonymizer, so in the logs of the proxy server will not be marked what sites you've visited. There are free and paid proxies, as a rule, paid access only applies to social networking sites, and the remaining ' free for free access.
In the case if the service for any reasons does not suit you, use the service for traffic compression. The most common -, or Most of these resources are used to save bandwidth when using gprs Internet, but can also be used to bypass the network lock. This service can be presented in different forms - in the form of applications, network addresses, or a separate program, but the essence remains the same - all data is first sent to the proxy server where they are processed, and then forwarded to your computer. A serious drawback of using this method is the long waiting for the server response when working with the free version.
Use Opera mini browser. It is a java application originally designed for mobile phones. The essence of his work - the same as services for traffic compression, the only difference is that it works more effectively jamming traffic up to ten to fifteen percent of the initial volume. Due to the fact that initially, this browser was designed for mobiles, its correct operation on the computer, you will need to install java-emulator.