How to manipulate a girl

Learn to "hang noodles on the ears" to his girlfriend. The old ways are usually the most effective. In this case, your companion will relax and begin to feel on top of the pedestal, but it is just at hand. Actively participate in her conversations, it will also tame her vigilance. Ladies love it when you listen to them carefully. No wonder they say – if you want to breed a girl for sex hung her noodles, let me talk, katumani her mind different compliments and it's yours.

Find out what she wants and what dreams. For example, your companion wants to go for a vacation in another country next month. Even if your plans are not yet part of this trip, you will convince your beloved that you are sure to go together. As a result you can invent many plausible excuses why you cannot leave. But all this time, while she will be waiting for the rest, it will be like silk, fulfill all your requests.

A couple of tips to manipulate girls

Learn how to play and manipulate. Learn how to guide your girlfriend in your direction. In the evening you are going to have a good rest with friends. But she decided to go to the theatre with you. How to be in this case? Be smarter and trickier. Tell me that she had no suitable dress for the theater, but her new jeans perfectly fit in your friends. If she starts to doubt, you're doing it right. Tell his beloved that the girl your friend just wants to meet her, and go to friends it will be very ignorant on her part. Most likely, the girl will decide that you are right and give up.

Use the principle of "You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours". For example, I decided to go fishing with friends, and the girl does not want to do that? Encourage her to call friends and make your home a bachelorette party. Well, promise her to bring the biggest fish. Even if you will not be able to catch her in the town are fish stores. If the fish are not interested in her, just promise that as soon as you come back together you go to the store and buy her something nice. Oddly enough, but with money you can control almost any girl in different situations.

Will blubyte a girl. Really Slubice, and you don't have anything come up. She is crazy about you and will fulfill all your wishes and whims. Most importantly do not be too strict and cruel with it, just sometimes do what is beneficial for you. And, of course, love your companion, and not just use it.