Advice 1: How to approach a girl

A lot of guys don't know how to behave with girls, can't find the right approach. Actually, it's not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. So how to find approach to a girl?
How to approach a girl
First and foremost, a man must be sure of himself. Namely, with such a companion a woman will feel comfortable. However, it is important not to confuse such traits as self-confidence and arrogance. They are two completely different things. You just need to drop the shyness and be bold. Besides, you don't need to look away from the girl.
Very important role play good manners. Girls are nice, if a young man curses in their presence, holds the hand when leaving the transport doesn't raise his voice. Banal rules of etiquette never hurt anyone. In addition, the girls appreciate such qualities as responsibility and punctuality. A man should be responsible not only for their actions, but also for his family. Irresponsible person there is no trust, it cannot be relied on. And without trust in a serious relationship is not exactly to build.
Not superfluous to recall that girls appreciate neatness and accuracy. So before the next meeting a friend, you need to carefully examine your reflection in the mirror. Shoes should be clean, things ironed and hair well groomed. Sleazy men push a real lady.
Girls like guys that are in high demand among the fairer sex. It is important to show your beloved that you are of interest to many, but it is one the only really useful and interesting. It is equally important to impress her friends. But in any case, no need to flirt with them, just try to cause them positive emotions.
But most girls appreciate originality. You must present something that no other. That should "hook" the girl. Extraordinary can be every. Your differentiator may well be romanticism, erudition or even the ability to "blow the roof".

Advice 2: How to approach a female Scorpion

Born under the sign of Scorpio are considered mysterious and dangerous. This is a strong personality who know to itself the price and never lowering the level of their expectations. To find a way to win a woman-Scorpion, please be confidence with patience.
How to approach a female Scorpion

The feature of the sign Scorpio

Scorpio is one of the three water signs. However, unlike Crayfish and Fish, the water stinging creatures standing, mysterious and alluring. Scorpios are full of dangers, delusions and carefully selected people who literally were allowed to be there.

Girls-Scorpions differ bright appearance. At first they may seem sweet and quiet, but the interpretation of their inconspicuous behavior is quite different: the Scorpions just look at the man, trying to spot his weaknesses. If it is necessary to "sting" it there.
With all the cunning and treachery, the Scorpion rarely attack. It is easier to forget the offender, to ignore it than to engage in open conflict. However, Scorpions, there is a love of ridicule.

Emotions Scorpions prefer to hide from others. Only if you earn my trust, the girl will be honest with you. Around beauties-Scorpions always hot: their natural charm and charisma attracts a lot of men. But the girls of this sign prefer to restrain their sexual energy and not fuss around.

Scorpion woman: how to win her affection?

In order to approach a female Scorpion must first attract her attention. You must be cheerful, charming man, able to interest her in their conversations and actions. You should possess excellent sense of humor and be able to laugh at yourself.
Scorpions are carefully "check" those who expect to fend for themselves. Get ready to dive constant taunts and biting remarks. However, do not stoop to rudeness: in this case, girls can not see you.

Remember: flattery woman-Scorpio not to attract. It is very sensitive and instantly feel the lie in words. Another thing – sincere compliments, little regarding her appearance. Mark her achievements, professional achievements, acquired skills.

Girls-Scorpions partial to a certain type of gifts. Standard flowers/Teddy bears they think of a sweet taste. But very different are quality handmade products of leather, wood, stones and so beauty I love Souvenirs with ethnic motifs and interesting erotic things.

Women-Scorpions are the owner. This concerns both relations and friendship. They will strongly try to "catch" you cheating, throwing incriminating questions. The best tactics in this case: not to give the girl a reason not to trust you.

Girls Scorpions have a high sexuality. Some jokingly say that all available bed "perversion" were invented this sign. Don't push her if she's silent on the bed. But when she declares her desire – do not get lost and do not pull. You shall know amazing quality and spectacular sex.
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