What to do if you got stood up

It is important to be able to determine if you are talking about Dynamo or did you have something mixed up. A simple and classic example: girl walks with a man that some time allows to pay for it, but then quietly disappears, ceases to take up and does not communicate in social networks. The reason probably lies in the fact that the young man she just didn't like it, but she could not or did not want to say straight not to offend and not to offend. In this case, it is very important to perform his and her behavior, and during meetings with the girls to watch how they communicate with you. This will help to quickly and accurately identify the problem.
Think: can you come up with all the promises that the girl you supposedly gave, while it is not encouraged?

The second widespread variant — when a man clearly gives to understand that going to a restaurant and movie "buys" intimacy. In most cases, nothing good is behavior does not. If a girl decided to dump you just such a man, she will hint at the close contact, but at the same time will not allow to happen anything more than a peck goodbye. The best option is not to try to reduce communication to intimate relationships, not to require girls to sex. Better to let her know that you are ready for a serious relationship, I appreciate and respect her.

Finally, it is possible that she is simply inexperienced or has had a very unpleasant experience, and therefore can make a promise and to accept gifts, but not to let you out of the friend zone. If we are talking about this Dynamo, you may want to gradually gain the trust of the girl, trying to be attractive to her. If all efforts, including conversations, be useless, the best option is to look for another girl.

How to behave with a girl-flake

If you are sure that the girl is just using you to get gifts and free dinner in restaurants, and it's not a figment of your imagination and hurt male ego, change the tactics of behavior. Refer to the fact that you have no money, and start spending Dating on the street or in places where you don't need to buy anything, for example at free fairs.
The girl did not demand permanent expenses, explain to her that he spent all the money on a car repair or any other needs.

Try to punish a tease, putting it before the fact that the restaurant everyone pays for themselves. Stop giving her money for a taxi, buy movie tickets and theatre. She will soon realize that dynamite is useless, and the situation will be resolved.