Show the girl that you have a lot of interesting classes, in addition to it. This does not mean you have to lie, talking about personal business or cool friends. Just try to occupy myself with something interesting. Join a gym or start to visit the pool. Convince the girl that you have virtually no free time.
Don't talk long on the phone. This activity can lead her to thinking that you're a slacker. Besides, she will understand that you want to give her all the time. But the rule "the less we love a woman, the more she likes us!" has not been canceled. So try not too eager to show their feelings and desires.
Take the situation into their own hands. Make sure that the girl herself began to look for meeting with you. Women always appreciate and strive for what they have. The less probable will be your meeting, the great looking girl is going to expect it. However, one should not overreact: if you each time will carry the date Dating, the girl can not refuse it.
Surprise your beloved. To get a girl to appreciate you is not easy, especially if her life has turned into a solid gray days. Make your significant other surprises, make her small gifts. Wake up early and prepare her Breakfast. Bring romance into your relationship, and the result will not keep itself waiting.
Take concrete measures. If no methods work, and your girl still refuses to appreciate your concern, stop to communicate with her at least for a while. Let her realize how good she was to you and how uncomfortable and lonely it is now. Man is so constituted that he begins to appreciate something only after it's lose it or lose it. Let your girlfriend lose you and if she is aware of his mistakes, then let me re-feel all the charm of your relationship.