Do I need to provide favors to the girl who has a boyfriend?

If you fell in love with a girl who is already in a relationship, first you need to understand what feelings prevail in this pair. Ask around among your mutual friends about how happy your girlfriend with her boyfriend or not. Maybe they are together just because they are so comfortable. Some girls are Dating guys do not feel happy, but can't break the link, as it is already attached to your partner or feel sorry for him.

If you know that the lovers are warm to each other, they build joint plans for the future and not paying attention to anyone except the two of them, is unlikely to ruin the lives of others and invade their relationship. First, you will be left with nothing, and second, you can make a rift in the happy couple.

If others tell you that the relationship between your sweetheart and her man is not too strong and not filled with harmony and deep mutual feelings, you can begin to care for her.

What to do if you're in love with a girl who has a boyfriend?

When you're convinced that a pair is already on the verge of breaking, and their relationship is at an impasse, you can reciprocate and put the partner your sweetheart aware of the fact that they are going to take care of his girl. Make an appointment with this man and explain to him your feelings and intentions. It is unlikely that you will receive his approval, but will believe that it is not acted despicably and began to act behind him.

Then try to talk to a girl that you like. Admit to her my love and tell us about what you want to achieve it. Now you will just have to see her reaction. Decent women will tell you that she is in a relationship, but it is important for you to not listen what she says and watch how she does it. Maybe she will start to blush and be embarrassed, uttering his soft "no", that may be your call to action. If the denial sounded firmly and categorically, to care for a busy girl is not worth it. Most likely, your friends gave you false information, and your beloved truly applies to my boyfriend and not going to waste your time. Just let her go and wish her happiness, believing that someday you will meet a real and mutual love.