No matter what beautiful words may be said about love, relationships, men and women are, as a rule, the real war of the sexes. Externally, relationships usually look like love, but if you look deeper, this is a real struggle for power. As for men, the desire to subjugate the woman has a long history. In many respects it was promoted by the Patriarchy in which a man could easily subdue a woman with power, her financial dependence, control, and at worst - with brute force. All these methods were designed for the woman to feel fear. "I want to subdue the man - make him feel fear" (Paolo Coelho). This is the strategy of the male control of woman.
Female strategy and tactics of management by man is completely different. Although a man of nature power, the woman she gave a cunning ("female wisdom"). Take the same story. History men - kings, generals, public figures, etc. But almost every one of them was a woman. By the way, for this reason the French have a famous saying, "Cherche La femme" ("look for the woman"). And in the Russian language there is a proverb: "Man is the head, the woman is the neck, where the neck will turn there head and look". So our great-grandmother knew how to manage a man. They were feminine enough cunning (wise), to understand that the best control is invisible control. Because "man rules, but woman reigns". Yes to recall Cleopatra - who-who, and she knew how to control men using their female charms and tricks.
Men are very underestimated women, considering them the "weaker sex". Women for centuries have used their "weakness" as the most effective manipulation, why say: "a woman's power in her weakness." Standard example: the tears of a woman can do better than shouting, accusations and persuasion. The man can't stand the tears, regrets a woman - and here he did what she wanted. However, this old method has at least 3 drawbacks: first, this method cannot be applied too often, and secondly, not all men's acts, and third, sooner or later he's just tired of it.
But there is another way to subdue the man. It was used by concubines, courtesans, beauties and fatal women. This way is to fall in love, but not love itself. A man in love, ready to madness, she maintains a "sober" head and uses it: for example, marry for yourself or "spreads" on expensive gifts that should prove the strength of his love, in which she "does not believe". And to the love of a man lasted a long time (as you know, men are polygamous and unstable), the crafty beauty teased her admirer. For example, today she loves it, and after a few days of cold and unapproachable. She is the prize which the man must conquer. And since man is by nature reckless hunter, he wants to win and gaining her attention again and again.
Another powerful woman's weapon in the management of man is evoking interest and seduction. No wonder all the women's magazines are tips to always be different, surprise a man, to seduce him. The fact that the man that he gave the woman needs to be of interest. Because who is interested in the relationship anymore, and he concedes. That is why man is the most "malleable" in the beginning of the relationship. When a man gets what he wants, his interest disappears. Therefore, it is said that "a woman should be a mystery to men. It must always remain something of a mystery, causing his interest again and again.
Thus, for centuries, women were manipulated by concealed men. For example, they knew that a man will do what she wants, if he wants it and thinks that it's his decision. You need to create the motivation (remember "where the neck will turn there head and look").
In General, methods to control the man very much - from NLP techniques to a variety of stervologii". But I must say that the management of the man (just like woman) is a double - edged sword. Because where you win and lose. Whether the cost of manipulating that life to play the game "who will spread"? Maybe we should just love each other, mutually to give and care about each other, not play a children's game called "battle of the sexes"?