First of all, stop the fight, if such arose from the collision of your opinions. Insisting on your opinion, you give birth to a perfectly natural desire to contradict.
The hatchet can be easily changed for the peace pipe after the phrases: "Honey, of course, the problems should be solved, but not at this price: I've missed your smile. Come on I just forget about everything and take a walk in the Park, going to the movies, to friends, play bowling." Will fit any pleasant joint pastime. The strongest like the Council put the fight in sex.
Take time out, don't start talking about a sore subject. On the contrary, try to set the girl in a romantic mood. Be gentle and caring, show all the qualities that a girl loves you.
Gradually, without touching the subject of the dispute directly, create the illusion that you are ready to agree with her opinion. Verbalize the idea that the situations are different, but the important thing for your couple to stay together and to look to one side.
Contrive a situation which would have clearly shown the girl the correctness of your point of view. Important: should be random, occurring regardless of your will. Sore subject at this stage with the girl still do not discuss.For example, if the essence of the conflict that you want to go look at the Olympic construction in Sochi, and the girl wants to Turkey, and casually drop in on a friends who just had a nice rest in Sochi and exude enthusiasm from the trip.
At this stage it is important to play the role of a man who stepped on the throat of his song and lost the girl because of the strong love for her. For example, after hearing the enthusiasm of friends about Sochi, breathe that with a girl you really, really want to visit in our South, but "here this year, something like that does not work, maybe next time..."
After a girl is quite impressed with the examples demonstrating the advantages of your point of view, and you feel that it varies or is even inclined to your opinion, start a direct conversation on the subject. Invite her to speak, be attentive and understanding. Agree with the girls, but hint at her selfishness: "the Main thing is that you were well..."