Advice 1: How to learn to manage people

Often we need to convince people that they have committed any specific actions, in other words, we need to manage them. This, of course, enough to have high social status or position, but in case you find yourself alone with someone equal to you, you need to convince him. Learn how to manage people only if you can convince a person equal to you.
How to learn to manage people
Listen to the person you need to convince of anything. Highlight the manner of his speaking and speak. His vocabulary, which he conveys to you is a priceless weapon against it, and accidentally dropped the word can be a very powerful argument in dispute, and in the belief.
Make adjustments - take the pose, the mirror, or like the pose of the source, and synchronize breathing or gestures with his breathing and gestures. This will help you subconsciously cause him resist your arguments, because on a subconscious level you will be copying it.
Identify his weaknesses and words-parasites, which can reveal his uncertainty about certain words. Use clarification in order to confuse your opponent while avoid direct confrontation on a personal level. The advantage is if your conversation is going to happen in public - the pressure of other people on your buddy will help you develop the situation in the wrong direction, which is convenient to you.
Useful advice
Do not use direct saying - nudge your man to realize the necessity of certain actions, because they are a priority for him.

Advice 2 : How to learn to manipulate the cards

Magic tricks with cards is very common. For display does not require special equipment and special facilities – enough to have the deck and be able to effectively manipulate it. And what is especially nice – all the tricks you can learn.
How to learn to manipulate the cards
You will need
  • - a deck of cards;
  • chips or round cracker;
  • - musical instrument (if possible).
Develop fingers and muscles of hands. No wonder there is a saying "Sleight of hand and no fraud". To learn how to work with maps you need to constantly train. Fingers should be flexible – this will allow you to demonstrate complex tricks that are based on skillful manipulation of cards. It is important to develop both hands – right or left.
A good way to train stretching fingers to learn to play a musical instrument, e.g. guitar. Another option is to buy a set of poker chips and learn to cut. Not necessary to buy a suitcase, you can limit the three stacks (60 chips). If you have long nails, pre-cut them – they will interfere.
Cutting (cutting chips) is done as follows. Take in hand one stack (20 pieces), slightly lift from the table, the index finger is put at level 5 (or 4) chips, not peeping. Put the stack on the surface and slide up the rest of the chips should have two columns: one of 5 chips, the second of the 15. Not letting go of the hand stack, the index finger slide on the upper chip of the first column and will continue to move the finger at themselves, automatically removing the next batch of chips. Instead of chips you can use a cracker, but in this case, the cutting will not happen as smoothly.
Get a deck of plastic cards of good quality. It is better to choose such that are used in gambling establishments – with their help, you can deliver even the most complex tricks. Allocate more time to working with the deck – learn how to shuffle it in several ways: the weight on the table.
Almost all card tricks are based on the account and a good memory to develop which must be constantly. And it can be done, for example, in the store, and every time in mind summarize the value of purchases to the checkout you already know the exact value. It is important not to round off – this will allow you to develop observation skills which will be useful later in a demonstration of tricks and working with the audience.
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